Alliance of Comprehensive Planners Announces New Options for Becoming an ACP Member

Alliance of Comprehensive Planners Announces New Options for Becoming an ACP Member

Virtual training modules and new member coaching sessions available through special agreement with Impact Communications and Marie Swift

The Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (ACP), a community of tax-focused financial planners who provide comprehensive planning strategies for their clients on a fee-only retainer basis, has announced new membership options for new members. Student Membership, Associate Membership and Certified Membership are the three choices. Each of the three levels comes with a different set of requirements and benefits. The corresponding membership fee reflects the benefits promised and received. Installment payments are also now an option.

A helpful grid that shows costs and benefits for each membership level is shown here:

The following white papers are available to help prospective members understand the core concepts and benefits of the ACP business model:

·      Retainer Model: The retainer model enables advisers to charge a fee that better reflects the value of all the services financial planning professionals provide. Download the Retainer paper here:

·      Tax Alpha: Financial planners are uniquely well situated to create value by playing an active role in clients’ year-round tax planning. ACP’s comprehensive tax-focused financial planning model benefits the client, tax preparer and financial adviser. Download the Tax Alpha paper here:

·      Holistic Financial Plan: A holistic financial planning model, in which the adviser has hands-on involvement with all areas of the client’s financial life, delivers real value to consumers. Download the Holistic Financial Plan paper here:

“ACP members are innovators in retainer-based fee-only comprehensive financial planning,” said ACP’s executive director Joanne Warren. “Through the ACP Success Program™ our members acquire the knowledge and tools that they need to give holistic financial advice to people from all income levels and all walks of life. A financial planner’s clients shouldn’t ever have to wonder whether they are receiving a recommendation because it’s best for them, or best for their adviser. Transformation takes place in the context of relationships, not transactions. Ongoing, active client participation and integration of the client’s finances, goals, and values tends to produce the best outcomes.”


All new members are eligible to receive three Quick Coaching sessions with a staff member at Impact Communications, Inc. Impact Communications ( was established in 1993 by financial services Marketing Maven Marie Swift. Topics of discussion and advice for new members will typically include:

·      Branding / company name

·      Website / online presence

·      Digital marketing

·      Social media marketing

·      Video and multi-media marketing

·      Blogs, articles and other forms of content marketing

·      Seminar / webinar marketing

·      Credibility marketing (a.k.a. public relations)

·      Relationship marketing (aka referral marketing)

·      Creating a first-year marketing plan

Existing members will also receive access to a special four-part virtual training series produced by Impact Communications. The marketing modules lay out a framework for consistently creating new business opportunities and answer questions such as:

·      When does it make sense to place an advertisement – and how do I make sure my money is well spent?

·      How important is social media in my marketing plan – and what’s essential to get started?

·      Why is building a strong online presence and creating thoughtful, original content the most important element in a comprehensive marketing plan?

·      What are journalists looking for – and how can I participate and get quoted as an expert in credible media outlets?


This year’s annual ACP conference will be held Nov. 6-9, 2018 at the Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay. Early bird registration rates (which expire Oct. 8, 2018) are in effect now. Participation is open to all interested financial professionals; one does not need to be an ACP member to attend. Sales and training expert Rob Jolles, marketing and PR professional Marie Swift, and “the father of financial life planning” George Kinder, will keynote at this year’s event. A special ACP Celebration and Homecoming party will take place on Thursday evening, Nov. 8, 2018. Former members and interested others are encouraged to attend. The evolving agenda is available here:

On Nov. 5 and 6, 2018, as a pre-conference option being offered the two days immediately preceding the ACP Annual conference, Kinder will be leading his signature “Seven Stages of Money Maturity” workshop. Being an ACP Member is not required to participate in this special 2-Day Kinder Workshop. Furthermore, anyone participating in the Kinder workshop may also stay to attend the 2018 ACP Annual Conference at the ACP member rate.

Companies interested in sponsoring the ACP Annual Conference will find more information here:


The Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (ACP), is a community of tax-focused financial planners who provide comprehensive planning strategies for their clients on a fee-only retainer basis. ACP members are required to maintain the CFP® or CPA/PFS (or equivalent) designation, complete ACP’s rigorous training program, and meet some of the highest continuing education requirements in the industry. To learn more about this fiduciary network or to find a certified ACP member, visit

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