AlphaStreet Becomes the First Start-Up Accepted Into FinMason's FinTech Accelerator Program

AlphaStreet becomes the first Start-up Accepted into FinMason's FinTech Accelerator Program

FinMason's FinSpring accelerator program will give AlphaStreet free access to FinRiver, a suite of lightning-fast investment analytics APIs.

FinMason, a Boston-based FinTech and investment analytics firm, has signed its first start-up to its newly launched FinSpring program. AlphaStreet, a free desktop and mobile platform for individual investors, will be the first to leverage the program’s free access to FinRiver, a set of flexible and lightning-fast investment analytics APIs.

“There are many challenges for an entrepreneur in this space, so we’re excited that building robust portfolio analytics is one less hurdle to overcome,” said Vishnu Bari, CEO and founder of AlphaStreet. “We want investing to be accessible, not intimidating. FinSpring enables us to focus on our long-term goal of providing individuals and families with a dynamic investing experience so that they can accomplish their long-term financial goals.”

"We want to provide start-ups with the means to deliver tools that investors and advisors can quickly utilize and trust. For a start-up, having access to quality analytics can be a key differentiator for their business."

Kendrick Wakeman, CFA, CEO and founder, FinMason

The FinSpring accelerator is a six-month program available to start-ups that meet four criteria:

1.     Share a mission of educating investors or advisors to make more informed investment and retirement planning decisions
2.     Operational less than two years
3.     Under $500,000 in revenue
4.     Have raised no more than $1 million in funding

“We want to provide start-ups with the means to deliver tools that investors and advisors can quickly utilize and trust. For a start-up, having access to quality analytics can be a key differentiator for their business,” said Kendrick Wakeman, CFA, CEO and founder of FinMason. “AlphaStreet wants to help people become more comfortable and informed investors. They are the sort of bright innovators we need if we are going to try and solve the retirement crisis in this country. FinSpring is available to any start-up that shares this important common mission.”

Wealth technology start-ups accepted into the FinSpring program will have access to more than 700 analytical data types, including risk and performance metrics, aggregate factor exposures, scenario analyses and stress testing.

Start-ups interested in applying to the FinSpring program can send an email asking for additional information to


FinMason is a Boston-based financial technology firm on a mission to solve the retirement crisis by helping investors and advisors make better decisions. Analytics are the key to good decisions, so FinMason is making robust, institutional-grade investment analytics a commodity accessible to everyone. FinMason’s team of Ph.D.s, economists, data scientists, engineers, and seasoned Wall Street veterans have harnessed the power of the latest technology platforms to deliver affordable, institutional-grade analytics at scale. They perform 700+ different analyses on virtually every publicly traded asset in the world and make the results available in milliseconds via three core products:

  • FinRiver™, an easy to use suite of APIs that gives direct access to their analytics for use in a financial service firm’s own products
  • FinScore Pro™, a quick, easy and visual risk tolerance assessment and alignment platform that helps advisors and clients better understand each other
  • FinScope™, a compliance screening and performance attribution solution that generates analytics on all the portfolios in a financial firm’s system on a nightly basis

For more information, visit or follow @finmasoninc on Twitter.


 Started in 2016, AlphaStreet is a complete social ecosystem that significantly reduces the complexity and friction in making investment decisions for individual investors. AlphaStreet’s free, online financial community makes the discovery of stocks fun and intuitive — free from clutter and advertisements. It also makes social connectivity easy, enabling users to connect with friends and experts to engage in discussions, ask questions, share knowledge, and understand the viewpoints of other investors. AlphaStreet is headquartered in Fremont, California.

For more information, visit or follow @_AlphaStreet on Twitter.


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