North Capital Launches REITless Impact Income Strategies

North Capital Launches REITless Impact Income Strategies

Investors can strategically invest in a real estate vehicle focused on generating positive social impact as well as consistent cash flow

North Capital Investment Technology Inc. recently launched a new investment vehicle, REITless Impact Income Strategies (REITless), focused on lending and strategic debt investments to primarily single- and multi-family real estate development and redevelopment projects that aim to produce positive social impact in communities nationwide. The impact initiatives targeted by the company are energy efficiency, employment generation, affordable housing, and green-housing improvements that promote environmental sustainability. REITless is managed by North Capital Inc., an SEC-registered investment advisor (RIA).

“The growing impact investment market funnels capital to address the world’s most pressing challenges and REITless has the opportunity to make differences in some of the communities that need it most around the country,” said Jim Dowd, CFA, CPA, founder of North Capital Inc. “The need for REITless has never been greater as communities are looking to revitalize and investors are searching for new opportunities to diversify their portfolios at an unpredictable time for traditional investment markets.”


REITless intends to focus on making short-term loans and investments into the small balance real estate market, where financing requirements are typically smaller than in institutional markets. Unlike many REITs, investors in REITless will not pay upfront selling commissions as part of the purchase price, which may allow investors to compound a greater percentage of their investment. The REITless Offering Circular states, “We believe that the limited sources of debt financing for small, commercial real estate developers, resulting from continued uncertain economic conditions, has and will continue to create a favorable environment for experienced lenders to produce attractive risk-adjusted returns.”

REITless membership interests are available to both accredited investors and non-accredited investors who meet the qualifications of the offering. Each opportunity considered for investment by the REIT will be evaluated and vetted by North Capital’s research committee, which is comprised of Mr. Dowd and a team of other investment professionals. The North Capital research committee has analyzed hundreds of commercial real estate transactions over the past five years. Through the use of the REITless Platform, investors can review investment details, execute legal documents, and transfer funds. Investors are also able to track the status of their completed investments.

Investors interested in participating in the REITless offering should review the offering circular, available at Developers interested in obtaining funding for their impactful real estate project should visit for more information or contact the managing dealer, North Capital Private Securities, at

About North Capital Inc

North Capital Inc. is a fee-only investment advisory firm, founded in 2008 to provide financial planning, advisory services, and discretionary investment management to individuals, families and institutional investors. The principals of North Capital have been helping individuals, families, corporations and institutional investors tackle their complex financial and investment problems for over a decade. North Capital's investment process is grounded in enduring principles: broad diversification, a systematic, open architecture approach to investment selection, low costs, and tax efficiency. North Capital is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a Registered Investment Advisor, and with the National Futures Association as a Commodities Trading Advisor.


Registration with the SEC does not imply a certain level of skill or training. Additional information about North Capital Inc., including the Firm’s Form ADV Part 2A Brochure, is available at the SEC’s website,

REITless offers equity securities through North Capital Private Securities Corporation, member FINRA/SIPC. For more information on how to become a REITless investor or to seek capital through the REITless marketplace, please visit

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