Retire Ready Solutions Expands Services, Now Creates and Distributes Reports for Plan Advisors

Retire Ready Solutions Expands Services, Now Creates and Distributes Reports for Plan Advisors

​Retirement planning software developer Retire Ready Solutions has announced that today it will begin offering a new service to retirement plan advisors. With the new service, Retire Ready Solutions will create and even distribute all the personalized participant reports when plan advisors provide participant information.

Since 1986, the firm’s flagship solution, The Retirement Analysis Kit (TRAK), has given plan advisors the ability to create personalized participant reports to use in enrollment and education meetings. “Advisors have found these reports to be instrumental in motivating participants, with many advisors seeing deferrals increase 2‒3 times as well as discovering additional unmanaged assets that are rolled into the plan,” said Edward Dressel, president of Retire Ready Solutions. “Many advisors have expressed interest in outsourcing report creation to us, and I am pleased to announce that we now offer this time-saving service to plan advisors.”

The new service is available to both current customers and those who are not currently using Retire Ready Solutions products. Advisors provide census data and specify the assumptions and configurations for the reports. Then Retire Ready Solutions creates the reports, either returning them electronically to the advisor or mailing them back to the advisor or directly to the participants.

Advisors recognize that the service can simplify the process to deliver engaging retirement readiness solutions to the participant. “Our client satisfaction has gone through the roof,” said Michigan advisor Gerald Wernette, “and our average participation rate is now between 80-95 percent!” He explained that, with TRAK participant reports, participation and contribution rates have increased, and he has found consistent opportunities for one-on-one financial planning. “It’s played a role in our growth as a firm, and now we use TRAK with every plan,” he added.

Retire Ready Solutions’ advisor-driven reports directly address participants’ most pressing concerns, including, “Will I be ready to retire?” and “How will increased contributions affect my take-home pay?” The program produces personalized graphs and calculations that help advisors answer the participant’s key concerns.

Plan advisors interested in viewing sample reports or engaging Retire Ready Solutions to run reports on their behalf may visit for more information.


Retire Ready Solutions (formerly Trust Builders, Inc.) helps advisors build trust with their clients. Founded in 1986 as a retirement investment firm for teachers and other public employees, Retire Ready Solutions specializes in retirement modeling, analysis and illustration software for 401(k), 403(b) and federal retirement plan advisors, agents and brokers. Retire Ready Solutions is committed to continuously improving its software and to supporting plan advisors with world-class training and support. For more information, visit

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