Secrets of the ACP: A Financial Advisor's Roadmap to Success & Profitability

Secrets of the ACP: A Financial Advisor's Roadmap to Success & Profitability

Five top financial planning practitioners to present business-building and profitability strategies in free webcast hosted by Marie Swift

The Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (ACP), a community of tax-focused financial advisors who provide comprehensive planning strategies for their clients on a fee-only retainer basis, has announced a webcast titled Secrets of the ACP: A Financial Advisor's Roadmap to Success & Profitability. The webcast, which is free to attend, will be held Monday, Dec. 3, 2018, from 12-1 p.m. CST.

Registration is free, but required:

Five financial planning practitioners – all of whom were identified via an ACP survey of its members as running highly profitable businesses – will share, in 10-minute mini-presentations, the key factors that have helped them build successful practices. Q&A will follow. Marie Swift of Impact Communications will facilitate the conversation and add her own insights.

Webcast attendees will learn:

  • How to capitalize on strategic partnerships
  • How to build strong client relationships
  • How to achieve true work/life balance
  • How to market and prospect using the ACP formula
  • How to run a profitable and amazingly meaningful financial advisory business
  • How to get paid to advise on non-traditional and held-away assets
  • How a holistic retainer model can smooth out the bumps that inevitably come with market fluctuations, client decummulation mode, AUM or hourly models


“These five practitioners are at the top of their game when it comes to building great businesses using the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners' (ACP) tax-focused, holistic financial planning methodology, which includes working on a fee-only retainer basis and providing true fiduciary advice for their clients,” said ACP Executive Director Joanne Warren. “ACP is a community of sharing, which takes on a kind of ‘think tank’ or ‘brain trust’ quality to it, and is one of the reasons they initially joined and remain as ACP members today. I am happy to say the ACP is growing in size and, more great news, we are attracting the next generation of ACP practitioners who are thrilled with the ACP methodology as well as the brain trust.”

The ACP annual conference, which took place in early November in Miami, is one example of what Warren points out in her quote above. Swift interviewed several ACP members, many of whom are newer to the ACP community, to learn what drove them to establish their own firm and adopt the ACP methodology or to join an established firm that is already using and proving the ACP methodology. To hear what ACP members say about their participation in the ACP, click here:

On the Dec. 3 webcast, the five practitioners who will present the key factors that have led to their success are:

Troy Thompson, CFP®, JD

Jake Kuebler, CFP®, EA

Penny Marchand, CFP®, EA

Troy Von Haefen, CFP®

Barry Swaim, CFP®

More information about Marie Swift, special guest moderator:


On Oct. 18, 2018, the ACP announced new membership options for new members. Student Membership, Associate Membership and Certified Membership are the three choices. Each of the three levels comes with a different set of requirements and benefits. The corresponding membership fee reflects the benefits promised and received.

Installment payments are also now an option.

A helpful grid that shows costs and benefits for each membership level is shown here:


The following white papers are available to help prospective members understand the core concepts and benefits of the ACP business model:

  • Retainer Model: The retainer model enables advisors to charge a fee that better reflects the value of all the services financial planning professionals provide. Download the Retainer paper here:
  • Tax Alpha: Financial planners are uniquely well-situated to create value by playing an active role in clients’ year-round tax planning. ACP’s comprehensive tax-focused financial planning model benefits the client, tax preparer and financial advisor. Download the Tax Alpha paper here:  
  • Holistic Financial Plan: a holistic financial planning model, in which the advisor has hands-on involvement with all areas of the client’s financial life, delivers real value to consumers. Download the Holistic Financial Plan paper here:


The Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (ACP) is a community of tax-focused financial planners who provide comprehensive planning strategies for their clients on a fee-only retainer basis. ACP members are required to maintain the CFP® or CPA/PFS (or equivalent) designation, complete ACP’s rigorous training program and meet some of the highest continuing education requirements in the industry. To learn more about this fiduciary network or to find a certified ACP member, visit

Press contact:

Leesy Palmer or Marie Swift
Impact Communications Inc.

Source: Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (ACP)