'True Wealth' Available Now

'True Wealth' Available Now

California financial advisor Mark Clure announces new book to help readers create a purpose-driven life

Mark Clure of Enso Wealth Management today announced his new book, True Wealth, The GUIDE Process for Finding and Financing Your Ideal Life, is now available on Amazon. In True Wealth, Clure shares insights and examples across a 25-year financial services career, helping readers to approach the concept of wealth from a completely different perspective, one where retirement is not the goal – creating an ideal life is. Uncovering one’s ideal life is, however, more difficult than it sounds. As a result, Clure has developed the GUIDE Process, a five-step plan to help the reader develop a purpose-driven life, and a financially comfortable one, too.

Book reviewers and journalists:

Members of the press (and citizen journalists with a loyal following) who would like a free copy of Clure’s new book and/or to schedule an interview with the author can email GraceVogelzang@ImpactCommunications.org.

A virtual press conference will be held on Sept. 29, 2020, at 4 p.m. ET. Journalists are invited to register by clicking this link: Registration for the Virtual Press Conference.


True wealth is always about more than money. It's about personal satisfaction and how you can make a difference in the world for others. It's about discovering your life's purpose and living it. Of course, once you find your purpose, you still need to feed the family, so I cover how to finance your ideal life as well.

Mark Clure, CFP® & Partner, Enso Wealth Management

“True wealth is always about more than money,” said Clure. “It’s about personal satisfaction and how you can make a difference in the world for others. It’s about discovering your life’s purpose and living it. Of course, once you find your purpose, you still need to feed the family, so I cover how to finance your ideal life as well.

"Helping others find True Wealth is exciting for me,” Clure continued. “But instead of using my knowledge to help only my existing clients, I decided to write this book in order to widen the scope of those who can benefit from my personal ideas and professional experience. In addition, I’m building a national network of financial advisors who will be trained to use The GUIDE Process, which is very exciting. I know what I’m working toward — helping people around the world acquire True Wealth — and that gives me energy, focus, and clarity that I didn’t have before.”​

Click here to watch Mark Clure on the Swift Chat video series discuss his motivations for writing this timely book.


The first half of the book is dedicated to helping the reader to decipher clues drawn from their own unique history in order to determine the life they want to create. This portion of the GUIDE Process consists of five steps designed to walk the reader toward their ideal life, what Clure refers to as “True Wealth.”

The five personal steps are:

Gather information about the past – the reader’s personal history
Unlock their potential and create their ideal future
Identify the themes that are unique to the reader
Develop their purpose statement
Evaluate and evolve

The second half of the book utilizes the GUIDE process once again, this time conducting a financial examination and action plan designed to help readers build the financial support system necessary to achieve their purpose-driven life.

The five financial steps are:

Get their financial information together
Understand what’s important
Invest with confidence
Develop their ideal financial plan
Evaluate and evolve​


There will be an Octoberfest Happy Hour and Book Signing, complete with live accordion music, at the Pipeline Craft Taps and Kitchen on Tuesday, Oct. 6, from 5-7 p.m.


Mark Clure, CFP®, is an independent financial advisor with more than 25 years of experience. As a partner at Enso Wealth Management (Enso), an SEC-registered investment advisory (RIA) firm, Clure, as well as all the other financial advisors at Enso, translate wealth into fulfillment for their clients by offering a complete wealth management experience, with a unique financial life design approach, focusing on the “why” above all else. Enso Wealth Management, LLC currently has five offices in California and one in Nevada. Clure’s primary office is located in Mt. Shasta, California. The company provides portfolio management, retirement planning and financial consulting services, working on a commission-free, fiduciary basis for its clients, and managing more than $1 billion in assets under management (AUM). In July 2020, Enso earned a place on the seventh annual FT 300 Top Registered Investment Advisers list compiled by Ignites Research, a Financial Times (FT) sister company; the process includes a thorough assessment of RIAs with assets under management (AUM) of more than $300 million on their expertise and other credentials desirable to investors. For more information about Enso, visit www.EnsoWealth.com. For more information about True Wealth, the GUIDE process, and the True Wealth certification for financial advisors, visit www.TrueWealthGuide.net.

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Source: Mark Clure, CFP® & Author